23 June 2007

little girl

Much of the army felt indifferent about Alice leading their way through the Queen's maze. She was, after all, not one of them. She came from a different world. One very backwards from their own. Where things were North and things were South. Right to Left. Black and White.

Alice, herself, was nervous. She didn't like the Queen one bit. Whenever a thought of her would arise, she would get a filthy taste in her mouth. She wondered who this Boy General was. She admired his horse.

'Are you scared?' the Boy General inquired.

'Just a bit nervous. I don't think she is a kind woman at all. She is so cruel.'

'How long have you been in Wonderland little girl?'

'Oh, well, let me see.' She thought. 'Well maybe I came 2 days ago. Or, um, maybe last week. Or a month, or even a year. Oh, Mr. General, I can't remember. So many things have happened. So many people I've met along the way. White Rabbit is by far the only one I can really trust - even if he is always running.'

'You can trust me,' he said. 'I mean you only good.'

'Why haven't I seen you before?' Alice asked.

'That I can't answer you, I'm sorry.'

They army was growing tired. They needed rest. Boy General granted them that.

Alice, alone, but near the White Rabbit, sat. She pondered about the maze. Hoping she would find her way. She recalled so many Twists and Turns. Backwards and Forwards. Pushes and Pulls. The army's heads rested in her hands.

12 June 2007

Alice, The White Rabbit and the Boy General

The White Rabbit and Alice found a most curious sight; a gathering of fifty or so creatures, all armed in some fashion. Some had wooden swords with them, others held frying pans and cutlery. Their armour were pans and pots, or padding strapped to their clothing, some even had metal painted on them. But the most curious thing about this army was that they were all asleep. All except one. A boy, a stern-looking boy with bright blue eyes was looking straight at Alice.

The White Rabbit said: "Forgive me, I'm late, General."

Alice found it quite funny that the White Rabbit would call the boy a general, but both seemed very serious so she did not speak.

"It is quite alright White Rabbit, I suppose you know our mission. All we ask of you is to guide us through the Maze, her labyrinth, and no more. Can you agree with that?"

Alice saw that the White Rabbit was very nervous, he kept fidgetting with his watch and hopping about in the same place. The boy general was looking at the White Rabbit, waiting for a reply. Before she realised what she was doing Alice suddenly said: "I will do it, I have been through her maze, I can guide you through."

White Rabbit stared at Alice, flabbergasted you could call the look on his rabbit face, while the Boy General stepped up to Alice.

"Fair enough Little Girl. Seems fit you show us the way," he said softly to Alice.

And soon the army awoke while the Boy General gave his commands and tried to place them in an orderly fashion. The boy climbed unto his rocking horse.

"Lead the way little girl, we will follow."

05 June 2007


Alice sat there, confused. 'Why, oh why did I just chop this tree down?' As she started to cry, along came White Rabbit.

'I'm Late! I'm Late'
'Oh White Rabbit, can you help me?'
'What is it? I'm Late!'
'Do you know anything about this tree?'
'Alice, that's quite a story, walk with me, we have to get someone.'
'A war is starting. The Queen, The King. They will all go away.'
'Because she is not nice, not one bit. And you started it by chopping the Tree down. Now, the story with the Tree Alice is a confusing one. The Forest Of Misconception used to be a lovely forest until that Tree grew. When it grew, the forest was fine for a bit, but after awhile, it sucked everything out of it. It was a leech of sorts. It took all the color from the other trees. All the love from the animals. Everything that Wonderland had thought was the forest before, was now a lie. No one could see up from down. Right to left. It was all a lie in there now. Because of that Tree. We couldn't even tell if it was real before - when it was good and normal. Was that all a lie too? Anyways, Alice, it was a wonderful thing you cut the Tree down. It was evil. It was nothing it was ever meant to be. It was ugly. And now it's dead, thanks to you.'

As Alice and White Rabbit were walking down the path, they noticed the color restoring to the forest. This was a good sign to White Rabbit.

They were very close to their friends. White Rabbit was feeling bad for being late, but he know they would understand.

29 May 2007

An Army Gathering

The army had gathered near the Forest of Misconception. They had momentarily kept to the rule of running fast enough to stay in the same place, so the Generals decided to convene and discuss their plan of action.
The Pink-Lipped Harlequin is the first to speak:

'We should show her no mercy. Off with her head! The King's as well. The time has come to completely wipe out the Kingdom of Heart. No prisoners I say!'

The generals mumble and shift in their places, and then the hookah-smoking Caterpillar raises his voice, after taking the hookah out of his mouth and yawning once or twice:

'If we free her head from her body, she'll tumble around and she will not know which is which. A tyrant queen we do not need, but a chaotic queen is even worse.' And then the Caterpillar continues to puff away without speaking.

The Duchess, speaking for the other generals, as they had agreed at breakfast earlier, rises, sits down again, rises and makes sure she has everyone's attention:

'Gentlemen, gentlecreatures and other assorted things, this army's purpose is to abdicate her highness, The Queen of Hearts. Our goal is clear; to storm the Kingdom of Heart and force the Queen off her throne. For this, we need the White Rabbit to guide us through the Maze. Without his help, we are doomed to wander in the Maze for all eternity. I have summoned the White Rabbit, but he is late, so I suggest we wait. Patience, we should all learn some patience.'

The Duchess sits down again, rises, goes a bit to the left and sits down once more. The Generals all look at each other, and wait.

I turn my head towards the forest of misconception and faintly hear the cracking of a tree. I clutch my sword and wait for the ticking of a clock, the ticking of a clock, the ticking of a clock, until the army falls asleep.

23 May 2007

rotting tree

Alice hears whispers of news that the assembling of a battle is in progress. She hears these whispers off the trees. She is still in the forest. She isn't sure if she hears lies from the trees or truths. She can't be too sure.

She keeps walking on her path, nothing is what it seems these days. She feels everything is a lie and that it's hard to trust anyone - even White Rabbit. She ponders if the forest is putting thoughts in her head. If that be the case, she knows she must get out soon.

At this time, the wind carries a message to find a tree.
'A tree? Well, what kind of tree? And what will I do once I get there?'
It tells her to go, and that it will be clear.

Alice walks. Stumbles. On the point of tears when she sees a tree. She could tell it was once a magnificent tree. Not very tall, but it's trunks strong and leaves colourful. It was rotting. Confused why she was brought to this tree, she notices an axe. On the handle of this axe was a message: Off with it's head!

She picks up the axe and swings. Alice had just made the first move in the battle against the Queen.

22 May 2007

Where's the battlefield?

Where do we fight the tigers, the snails and the rabbits ?
Where can I draw a sword out of a stone to become king and order everyone to fight my cause?
Where do I find the shield to protect me from their blows?
Where is my horse to ride unto towards the setting sun?
Where is my armour so that I can become untouchable?

I will fight against the Queen of Hearts and her paper army. Her reign of terror should come to an end. From this day we will no longer shivver when we hear her shout ‘off with his head’. We are not her slaves!

Who’s with me?

21 May 2007

forest of misconception

In the past Alice has fallen victim to mishaps and sugar-coated truths. People or places not being what she saw them as or what they said they were. She recalls these incidents as she passes a clearing she has been walking in for a few days.

She comes to a gathering of trees. Tall ones. Short ones. Big ones. Skinny ones. She hesitates. Not because she is scared, but because she knows what may lie on the inside. She steps in. The Forest of Misconception welcomes her.

Just because nature is pretty doesn't mean it's all good. The prettiest of plants can kill you. The ugliest ones can at times save you. In the forest there are several paths. Alice is confused which ones to believe. She can take the trail that is clear of overgrowth and darkness or the rocky one that may take a tad bit longer.

Trails have always appealed to her. Some look so wonderful when you first start off. But in the end, you get stuck in the mud. For the trail betrays you. It lies in a way a friend does to get their own way.

She is tired of candy lies and fake gestures. She decides on the less attractive one, knowing it's for the best.